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[The Ultimate LOVE Story] Find Out How Letoya Luckett Met Her Fiance Tommicus Walker!

“You fall in love with the most unexpected person, at the most unexpected time.”

Letoya Luckett’s newest love story is truly one personally written for her by God, and it’s an example of why it’s important to wait on his timing for everything in life!

At the very moment she’d begun to give up on her “happily ever after” and “finding her fairytale,” someone special was placed into her life. The man who according to Luckett, possesses everything that she asked God for. Crazy Right?!

This week, Letoya Luckett’s ‘unexpected’ engagement took social media by storm! Most wondering, “Who is this guy?”

Following the big announcement, Luckett did an exclusive interview with ESSENCE magazine and bared it all….

She revealed that she’d been dating Dallas entrepreneur, Tommicus Walker for months ‘quietly!’ After her very public breakup with Rob Hill Sr., it taught her an important lesson about keeping matters of the heart away from the public’s eye in the beginning.

” I feel it’s very important to build your foundation first before sharing your relationship with the world. I felt that it was important to get to know each other without any distractions or any he-said she-said. I wanted to do something different because I felt something different about him.”

We think DIFFERENT definitely describes Luckett and Walker’s entire relationship!

According to Luckett, they met through a mutual friend whom she had a conversation with at a wedding about her current relationship status. But Luckett also stated that she should have saw it coming, especially after her meeting with Pastor John Gray who told warned her that her husband was COMING!

That evening at the wedding, Luckett says she told the friend to set them up, but to keep her identity a secret.

“I asked her [Nikki Chu] not to tell him my full name or anything about me.”

They began talking on the phone the next day and the rest is history!

“Immediately the chemistry was there. We started talking and laughing. He’s from Texas just like me, Talking to him felt like being home again. We talked for a few weeks and he still didn’t know what I looked like or my full name or anything like that. After a few weeks of talking, we were praying together on the phone and reading scriptures and everything like that.”

A short time later, Walker and his daughter flew to Los Angeles to actually meet Luckett. At which time, he still didn’t recognize her. But once he finally did, Walker told Luckett:

“None of that matters because I’ve gotten to know you and to see your heart and that’s what I’m into, and so that doesn’t change nothing we got going on right now.

Luckett says that her prayer to God was simple:

“I love that he isn’t in the entertainment business, but yet he still understands me and he’s so supportive. He gets me, but he sees Toya. And that;s what I’ve always wanted. I’d say, ‘God, whoever you have for me, I want them to see me. I want them to see my heart, I want them to see me crystal clear in their eyes the way you see me in your.’ And he sees me. And there’s no better feeling.”

The day of the proposal, Luckett assumed that she was helping to plan his birthday party unbeknownst to her….. Walker was planning the engagement. She walked in and saw his family + her family and knew something was up. And what really put the ‘icing on the cake’ was when Luckett introduced Walker to Pastor John Gray and he responded with:

That’s HIM!


If you guys are waiting for 2018 nuptials, Luckett says they won’t make it that long without officially being husband and wife.

“I don’t think I’ll go into 2018 without being Mrs. Walker.”

Looks like the WEDDING PLANNING has begun, we’re 4 MONTHS away from 2018!


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