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TOP 2 Planners That Will Help Generate Success In 2017!

According to researchers, roughly 80% of Americans battle with time management. For reasons that vary, it’s been determined that we have trouble finding balance between our business and personal endeavors. But what’s ironic is that we’ve realized, whether business or personal, the success of our day depends solely on 3 things:

  1. Tasks to be done
  2. Events to be managed
  3. Urgency

However, coming to this realization doesn’t stop the overwhelming feeling and continuous thoughts which continue to invade your brain!

Ureka, We Have A Solution!

P L A N N E R S…..

It’s been a proven fact that the use of daily/weekly planners have helped with the following:

  • Stress [Proper planning is equivalent to a ‘peace of mind’]
  • Preparation [Readiness for the unexpected]
  • Evaluation of Progress [Are you staying on schedule?]

Through the use of planners BOTH individuals and major companies can attest to consistent/rapid amounts of growth in short periods of time. Studies suggest that spiraling thoughts cause depression, anxiety, and other serious health issues if not handled properly. We guarantee that for those of you seriously working toward change, a planner can provide the added security needed to flourish.

We’re now in Chapter 2 of 2017! To date, you should have accomplished a portion of the goals you set for either your brand or personal life in quarter 1. If not, ask yourself why? Why aren’t you focused? Why aren’t you progressing? 

Could it be because you’re NOT writing down your thoughts? Or, here’s a better question, Have you written down your short/long term goals for your life and/or brand?

If the answer to either one of the questions above is NO, then you’re already doing more harm than good to the success of your life in 2017! But the good part about it is that IT’S NOT TO LATE!

Now we agree that there are MANY planners floating around, making it hard to decide which one to choose. So hopefully based on our experience, we can alleviate the stress of this decision for you by providing the…..


Planner #1: Passion Planner


“Passion planner helps people break down their long and short term goals into more actionable steps and gives them a place to incorporate these steps into their daily lives.”

The passion planner is SO MUCH MORE than your typical planner. It provides encouragement through the weekly quotes and affirmations, accountability, and allows you to create a plan BEYOND today. This space is described in the planner as “infinite possibility”. With this planner, you’re able to create steps to achieve BOTH personal and professional tasks! And here’s what’s REALLY amazing…. At the end of each month there’s a “monthly reflection” section. The planner asks you to describe the best parts of the month, lessons learned, improvements and most grateful moments.

We were introduced to the Passion Planner in 2015, and haven’t looked back since! To date, our site has referred countless amounts of individuals to this company and have noticeably saw a change in their progression.

Click on the link listed above to TRANSFORM your 2017 now!

Planner #2 : Panda Planner


“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” -Michael Leip [CEO Panda Planner]

What seems to draw so much attention to the “Panda Planner” surrounds WHY it was initially created. Panda Planner CEO Michael Leip decided to create the draft for this planner after dealing with five (5) years of Lyme Disease, TBI, and cancer; which in return caused extreme depression/ anxiety and the inability to think clearly. Leip dealt with these issues as a self employed entrepreneur, until one day he gained enough strength and will power to not allow his circumstances define his future. So he drafted the first copy of a Panda Planner!

The Panda Planner’s main focus is positivity and triumph, beginning with the first section titled, “Morning Review”. Each morning it’s required that you write down what you’re grateful for, why today will be great, a positive affirmation, daily focus, and your exercise regimen. Following this section are your TOP priorities! It’s encouraged that you only write down 3-5 priorities, placing the most difficult one at the top of the list in order to increase efficiency and productivity.

This is such an IMPORTANT section because often times we place 7-8 things on our daily list and only accomplish 1-2! You must stop overworking yourself!

Following the above mentioned sections is the schedule section which helps to manage your time, tasks section, and end of the day review.

What’s also great about this planner is that it not only provides monthly reflections, but weekly reflections as well!

We agree with most critics who say that the Panda Planner is a little more detailed than the Passion Planner, however we want to point out that if you purchase either one, the success of your brand and/or personal endeavors will come to fruition.

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