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Top 3 Hairstyles Being Rocked “All Summer 17”

Summer 17 has been the season of new beginnings, exotic style, and diverse HAIR! Ladies, we have brought an entirely new meaning to the word, SLAY. Especially in the urban community where it brings our heart so much joy to see women embracing their “NATURAL,” and showcasing it.


Based on what we’ve noticed, check out the TOP 3 hairstyles rocked the most during ‘summer 2017’ below…..

No. 1 Bandu Knot

How gorgeous does “Dear White People” star Logan Browning look rocking these ‘bandu knots?’ Uh, HELLO BEAUTIFUL! 

Originally natural women began rocking the ‘bandu’ style as a way to curl their hair without the use of direct heat. Women would simply wash their hair, condition it, and place bandu knots in it for a short period of time. Believe it or not, when the style is taken out the curls are magnificent.

Regardless of the originality, isn’t Logan ‘owning’ her beauty?!

We’ve noticed lots of african american rocking this style during summer 17, claiming that while cute it also keeps their heads fairly cool.

No.2 Faux Locs

The ‘faux locs’ trend began Fall 2016, and the reign ‘JUST WON’T LET UP.’ 

We’ve heard that the locs are the best protective style for natural women, or even women wanting to explore what they’d look like in dreadlocks. These locs range in size, style, and color. Women have really been having fun with their locs.

How cute does Eva Marcille look right?! And she’s gone from blonde faux to brown!

We’re most certain that these locs will be around Fall 2017 as well.

No. 3 Curly Bob

There’s just something about a ‘bob,’ whether curly or straight! It just NEVER goes out of style.

This summer we’ve noticed women of all nationalities rock ‘bob.’ Some with side parts, but most with middle parts.

Bobs are the ultimate ‘go-to’ hairstyles for head-shots and/or lifestyle photos for re-branding. To know our founder, Kierra M, is to understand that she absolutely LOVES bobs and will whip one out at any point throughout the year.


What’s been your favorite hairstyle of “Summer 2017?”

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