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TOP 3 Lessons That #2017 Has Taught Me So Far…..

Written By Founder Kierra M [ @officialkierram ]

Similar to previous years, 2017 has been filled with its share of trials and tribulations. But I can honestly say that it’s been one of the best and HARDEST years of my life. Why?! Because in 2017, I had to step out my comfort zone and attempt to figure out who I am beneath all of the superficial bullshit. [Excuse my language] But quite frankly I’m just being honest.

At the beginning of 2017 I had it all set! My entire year in [business] was planned out. I knew where I wanted to take my brand, what I wanted to do, who I wanted to partner with, and the steps I would take to really get shit done! Only that was a crack of BULL! I guess it still hadn’t registered to me that:

God laughs at your plans!

So the year began with a super HUGE promotion for me! I was promoted from ‘co-host’ to ‘host’ of my very own radio show. My online publication viewership was growing quickly, and I was being recommended by publicist all around the DMV for interview opportunities with “a-list” celebrities, as well as MAJOR red carpet ops.

Quite frankly, LIFE WAS GREAT!

But I still didn’t feel complete.

I’ll explain why later on in the post….. Because little did I know, I’d be soon taught lessons that would FOREVER change my life and the way I view people, success, and motherhood.


“It’s Okay To JUMP”

Just two [2] months after my promotion I decided that I’d be moving to Atlanta, GA. by July; which was exactly 4 months away. Crazy right?! When I look back on things, I call myself INSANE all the time.

Moving to Atlanta, I’d be leaving all family, friends, and business relationships I spent 3 years developing, etc….. in order to go into an entirely NEW market! Just my six [6] year old daughter and myself, and I’d be lying if I sat here and told you guys that it wasn’t hard!

Even at this very moment, it’s extremely overwhelming at times! There are moments when I question my abilities and sanity; nonetheless I’m glad God gave me the strength to make such a HUGE leap in 2017 because now I’m FEARLESS.


“Some People Have To GO! Period.”

I think this pretty much speaks for itself.

During my journey in 2017, I’ve come to realize who truly has my back and who God simply placed in my life for a season!

There’s never any bad blood, but the sooner you realize that it’s “OKAY” to walk away from people who no longer serve you any good…. the better off you’ll be.

Holding on to people and/or situations that no longer serve your life/business any purpose is BAD FOR BUSINESS; and quite frankly a waste of time.

In 2017, I lost a really good friend/business partner [which I was told by a mentor would happen one day]. Things grew really, really ugly after a deal went wrong. I don’t want to go into grave detail about the situation because she’s someone that I had love for; but what I will say it that I learned a valuable lesson. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH FRIENDS! PERIOD! There are different expectations when you’re doing business with friends versus simply “business” partners.

We must learn to appreciate that every person placed in our lives are put there to teach us a valuable lesson [whether they stick around or not]. Become BETTER based off of what you experienced.



“Be Available”

Be Available! Be Available! Be Available!

This has to be the biggest lesson that I’ve learned thus far! I know you guys are probably thinking I’m talking about being available as it pertains to business, but I’m not.

How do you define success?!

I’ve learned that as you grow in life, so does your definition of success!

I’m NOT successful if I’m not a good mother, if I’m not a present mother, if I don’t have friends/family to share the fruits of my labor with! BE AVAILABLE! 

Now there will be times where you simply can’t make it to school functions, birthdays, etc….. But if you can, then BE THERE! Even if it causes you work overtime!

Believe me, IT MATTERS!

As my six [6] year old daughter gets older, I’ve realized that she loves to be under me and most importantly….. she needs me MORE than work does.

The last thing you need is for your loved ones to resent you as a result of your passion and/or goals.

It’s Chapter 11, we have one [1] more month to go in 2017. I’m sure I’ll learn another valuable lesson! But nonetheless, 2017 has been good to me.

What has 2017 taught you thus far?

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