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TOP 3 Things Important TakeAways From Devon Franklin’s “Breakfast Club” Interview….

The entertainment industry can be very harsh on a person who doesn’t have the mental capacity to endure the “worst of the worst.” Yes, the stories are true! There’s drugs, alcohol addiction, sex, competition, back-stabbing, etc…… Which is why most go in “one way” and then you see a transformation.

We always say:

“It’s not for the faint of hearts.”

But after listening to Devon Franklin’s recent interview on “The Breakfast Club” [See Above], we’re definitely second guessing that notion.

Devon Franklin is a hollywood producer, motivational speaker, author, minister, and the husband to actress Meagan Good-Franklin. He’s been in the entertainment industry for 20 years and is currently promoting his 3rd book, “The Hollywood Commandments: A Spiritual Guide To Secular Success.” Which by the way, we just ordered after watching the interview.

According to Devon, when he entered into the industry there were many naysayers who advised against it claiming that it will:

“take your faith, and change who you are.”

But that wasn’t the case for Devon! And in his new book, he’s teaching you why…..

It felt like church listening to this interview. If only Charlamagne, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee could hear us shouting through the computer screen as we thanked both God and Devon for his words of wisdom. Which is why we are encouraging EACH and EVERY one of you to watch it above.

But in the event that you are unable to, we’ve pulled out our TOP 3 biggest lessons learned from the chat. Check them out below:

No. 1 “Your Prayers Alone Aren’t Enough!”

Most people pray every night asking God to change their circumstances, bring them financial freedom, etc…. but wake up late the next day. Or wake up early but aren’t productive.

According to Devon you have to “plan” for what you’re praying for, because you’ll do yourself an even bigger injustice by NOT being ready for something that God has given to you!!!!!

We’ve seen this happen OVER and OVER again!

Having faith without putting in the work is DEAD! Nothing’s just going to fall in your lap. You must get up everyday and HUSTLE as if your life depends on it.

No. 2 “You Have To Carry A Crown Before Wearing One”

Can we get a “AMEN” for this commandment!

According to Mr.Franklin,

“Each level I reached required service.”

If you follow our editor KierraM on Youtube @kmwexclusive then you’ll know that this is something she LIVES by! For some reason people are requesting the reward without putting in the proper work. We remember when “interning” for someone was FREE [No questions asked]. The only incentive gained from an internship was “experience.” NOW, people are asking for money as if it’s a job.

Just as easy as he gave it to you, he’ll take it away!

You MUST put in the work!

Devon says he worked 18 years before getting to this place of success in all areas of his life. Other celebrities such as Kevin Hart, Tyler Perry, and Steve Harvey also often speak on the number of years and losses they had to endure before the REWARD.

Before they were able to wear their own CROWN!

We must not forget about “service.”

No. 3 “Treat EVERYONE Well”

Our motto is:

“Confidence Without EGO.”

In all aspects of life we choose to be humble! Period!

According to Devon, he’s witnessed people “misjudge” and treat others wrong. But then the tables turn! And when the tables turn you look like a complete fool. That’s why you should treat everyone with the same level of love & care NO MATTER WHAT!

BONUS!!!! No.4 “Discipline”

Now we told you guys that we’d give you our TOP 3, but the interview was soooooo good that of course we had more. So we decided to provide a bonus tip! DISCIPLINE!

One of the things Devon stated that sticks with us is:

“Your discipline contribute to your destiny.”

He began speaking on how men like to compartmentalize things in their life, and it shouldn’t be. And how he would present himself in one aspect when preaching but live a completely different life outside of it.

You simply can’t do it!

Be real with yourself, and most importantly be REAL with God about who your are! Then once you do so, JUST BE YOU! He goes on to say that the value of discipline in your personal life will show through your business life.

So if you’re disciplined personally you’ll carry those same habits into your business. And as we always mention:

It only takes 30 days of doing something consistently before it becomes a habit!

This was one of the BEST interviews that “The Breakfast Club” had in a long time, minus the fact that DJ Envy couldn’t pronounce Devon’s name correctly AT ALL.

[Check it out above]

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