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TOP 3 Winter Date Night Suggestions….

During the summer it doesn’t really take much to plan the PERFECT date night for you and your lover. Why?! Because the weather is so warm, which in return provides you with an endless amount of things to do. But we’ve found that it’s not so easy for most in the colder months!

Netflix And Chill Is NOT Always The Way To Go!

We understand that it’s cold outside, and that you’d rather be snuggled up in the comfort of your home versus freezing your bottoms off. We get it! But there are so many other things that can be done in order to keep the romance going in your relationship during the winter.

Here are our TOP 3 suggestions…..

Suggestion #1: Schedule A Couples Massage

Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to enjoy a relaxing massage next to their loved one followed by a little sauna enjoyment!

Nowadays, various luxury spas even have couples FULL DAY spa packages!

We suggest that you use the winter months to REALLY connect with your spouse on a deeper level. Have those conversations that you may not get the chance to always talk about! And what better place than a spa????

Suggestion #2: Game NIGHT

Without the added friends of course!

Card games, scrabble, dance offs, bar trivia, etc….. Just have fun!

Remember that MOST relationships end because at some point the couple stopped dating each other. And more importantly, they stopped enjoying each others company.

Sidenote: Game nights ALWAYS lead to a happy ending! So basically its a WIN, WIN! 

Suggestion #3: Outdoor Fun

You absolutely CAN NOT just enjoy the indoors during the winter. Maybe do something that he/she has never done before. Go ice skating for a few hours, or if it’s snow outside, have a snow ball fight followed by hot chocolate and snuggling.

There’s so many activities to do ‘outside’ during the winter months that we feel can be tolerated for a few hours all in an effort to enjoy each others company and have fun!

Remember that the smallest thing can be exciting when your doing it with the one you love. -KMW

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