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TOP 5 Items Used To Affectively Run KMWExclusive Daily!

Frequently, we receive emails or direct messages via social media asking several questions regarding what it takes to run a blog site. And fortunately enough for you guys, we’re NOT one of the sites who like to withhold information which could lead to your future success.

Trust me, we weren’t as lucky!

All of the information given to you guys was learned via trial/error and financial loses. Many of which we hope to shield you from.

Now while it’s NOT easy at all to run an entertainment/lifestyle blog site, it’s also not as costly as you would imagine if you take advantage of the resources/ tech equipment that you already use on a daily basis.

To find out which products/resources i’m referring to, continue reading…..

Quick Disclaimer:

“Do what you LOVE and success will follow.”

In all that you do, make sure that it’s something you love. Passion not only drives great content, but it also provides you with the motivation to succeed and think outside of the box when things seem the most difficult.


ITEM #1: iPhone 4 Plus

Let’s just say that we would’ve love to have been a “fly on the wall” while Steve Jobs created Apple. The main piece of equipment used to run the site are cellular devices by all team members. However, a majority of the content comes from Founder, K. Wagstaff’s iPhone 4 Plus.

Using this device we’re able to download countless amounts of apps. similar to those used on an actual laptop to perform the same duties. [i.e. iMovie, Canva, Hootsuite, Watermark, Repost, Slack, Bye Crop, etc…]

This is why we always encourage bloggers NOT to quit based off of the mere fact that they can’t afford certain equipment, software, etc….  Because MOST, if not all of the things you need are accessible via your iPhone or Android applications store. All you need to do is download it, and GET TO WORK!

Item #2: Mac Book PRO

No! It’s not the newer version with the touch screen buttons, but it STILL gets the job done.

When you decide to invest in a computer, make sure to invest in a quality one. Not just one based solely on cost efficiency! Conduct research on the product prior to your desired purchase date. See/understand what software comes with it, what external equipment you’ll have to purchase, how much storage space, etc….

When blogging all of the above mentioned things matter!

You MUST not only think about the “now” in blogging, because if you do you’re going to be financially drained.

Item #3: Canon Rebel T6i

We’ve recently upgraded our camera equipment! And one of the upgrades included the actual camera. Prior to purchasing the Canon Rebel T6i, we had an older version of Canon which was perfect for photos, however not so good for video.

The quality of the video wasn’t sharp, you couldn’t hook an external microphone to the camera, and it only recorded minutes worth of footage.

AGAIN, we learned this the hard way! After losing hours of footage with prominent A-list celebrities, securing various videographers multiple times per week/month [minimum cost $175 per occasion] etc… we realized that it was time to invest in new tech equipment.

The Canon Rebel T6i provides amazing photo and video quality! And guess what else, we purchased it in a bundle deal via amazon.

If you’re interested in purchasing one, here’s the link:


Item #4:  Sturdy Tripod

When we mention this to people, their always confused as to why we consider a ‘tripod’ essential. But it’s quite clear…. YOU MUST HAVE SOMETHING TO STABILIZE YOUR EQUIPMENT. A tripod is a huge part of providing quality content for your consumers.

When we’re unable to secure a videographer for an important interview, we take the tripod and record things ourselves! The tripod is also used for Youtube video content, Periscope LIVE, Facebook LIVE, Instagram LIVE, Photos etc….

Un-stabilized footage doesn’t equal QUALITY content! It’s amateur! Set the bar extremely high for yourself and your brand from the very beginning.

SN: This tripod was apart of the bundle deal mentioned in Item #3

Item #5 : Lighting

Let there be LIGHT! 

Most bloggers or startups feel the need to purchase many light fixtures for recording purposes. Truthfully, I either use “natural” light or this NEEWER ring light which I purchased off of amazon.com

The NEEWER ring light is MORE than enough lighting for video, photos, or LIVE streaming. Our founder sometimes complains that she’s hot during recording because of it’s brightness.

Instead of spending tons of money on multiple lights, just invest in a good one! And if you’ve recently visited our Youtube channel, then you’ve witnessed the greatness in the NEEWER ring light.

It can be purchased at the link below:



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