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Torrei Harts Speaks Out In The Midst Of Kevin Harts INFIDELITY Scandal!

“My mother always told me, ‘the way you get him will be the way you lose him’ if you don’t go about it the right way.”


The ex-wife of comedian Kevin Hart [Torrei Hart] recently sat down with Inside Edition in the midst of his “infidelity” scandal [with now wife Eniko Hart] to discuss the reasoning behind their 2011 divorce.

According to Torrei:

“I have an ex-husband who repeatedly used me in his stand up routine. For years, I had to endure that.”

She’s obviously speaking on the fact that Kevin’s rise to fame included him joking about the infidelity within his marriage to her. Nonetheless, it seemed as if the couple were beginning to become “co-parenting” role models to many. That is until recently when his now wife, Eniko Hart posted a special message to her husband on their 1 year wedding anniversary which stated:

“I’m grateful to God everyday for putting us together. When it’s real, no love/bond can ever be faked nor broken. My partner in life, My other half that makes me whole, My SOULMATE. Thank you for always keeping a smile on my face.. I love you more everyday. 8 years together… 1 year married… Forever to go! #HartilyYours Happy 1 year anniversary babe! We made it!”

Uhhhhhh….. 8 years?

Torrei and Kevin only divorced 6 years ago!

According to Torrei’s interview with Inside Edition she states:

“I was like, what ‘never a secret?’ She said we were separated, not living together. That’s a lie. We were very much not separated.”

Which brings us to TODAY! Kevin’s been caught re-handed once again! This time Eniko’s the wife!

When asked if she believed Kevin has cheated again, Torrei says:

“I can’t say yes, I can’t say no. All I can say is if it happened to me, it could happen to anyone.”

Of course last night MANY came after Torrei for doing the interview. Some even calling the former Mrs. Hart an opportunist. She has since responded via Instagram with the following to say:

“Listen I have been quiet for a long time, but I’m going to say something today. Y’all all have your opinion about me but guess what I’m a woman who was there from day one when Kevin was selling sneakers. I have no hidden motives. What you see is what you get. I have every right to speak my peace. If I want to do an interview to promote my brand I have every right to do that. Kevin has used me in his Comedy acts for years and no one seems to have a problem with that. Me and Kevin met in college in a theater arts class and it just so happens he blew up before me. I’m a thespian who has been training for years, I’m a hard working mom who just started my natural hair care line @heavenlyhart as a self love gift for my daughter. I was done dirty and treated like trash but still always kept it classy. I had to constantly see my kids in pictures and at events with my ex husband and his mistress and I still took it on the chin like a champ. I had to watch him blow up and leave me for another woman when I held it down from the beginning. I made so many sacrifices that no one knows about. But there is only so much a person can take. So if I want to do a quick interview to promote myself so be it. #enoughisenough”

Preach Torrei!

We are sooooo here for Torrei Hart!


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