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Trey Songz And Ebro Respond To Remy Ma’s “SHEther” Accusations!

“The best thing that ever happened to you was when they booked me.”

“You f*cked the whole empire, you tryna be Cookie.”

Were we the only ones “SWEATING” for Nicki Minaj while listening to Remy Ma’s “SHEther?”

Remy definitely broke the internet, social media, radio stations, podcast, etc….. yesterday after dropping a Nicki Minaj diss, which she titled “SHEther” using Nas’ legendary “Ether” track.

To date, we’re waiting on Nicki Minaj to respond like……

Remy has always stated that social media, outlets, and different people would try to pin she and Nicki against each other upon her release from prison, but that she had NO beef with the fellow New York native. Sooooooo, what changed?

Well according to Remy Ma, she feels as though Nicki’s new features ALL take shots at her and she’s tired!

In “SHEther,” Remy definitely take a few ‘low blows’ even bringing other people into the beef like:

  • Safaree (Nicki’s Ex)
  • Meek Mill (Nicki’s Ex)
  • Drake (Nicki’s label mate)
  • Ebro (Hot 97)
  • Trey Songz (Singer)
  • Jelani Miraj (Nicki’s brother)

And while Safaree, Meek, and Drake have not responded, BOTH Ebro and Trey Songz have taken the time to ‘clear the air.’

In the track she says:

“Only time you touched a trigga is when you fu**ed Trey Songz”

“Coke head, you cheated on ya man with Ebro.”

In a series of tweets, Trey Songz says:

“But listen tho lmao I wake up to my manager @KevinLiles1 callin me. What’s that twitter sh*t? I’m like what is you talkin bout”

“Aye if you need to laugh yo look at my mentions! I’m crineeee”

“Listen the internet aka mass general public is so stupid. I learn that more and more everyday haaaaa I’m in Charlotte tonight fwm”

“Bruh I ain’t even heard this shit yet lmao. I open my twitter and see old as* retweets from 2015”

“Even when you stay out of the way they will have ya name all in some sh*t. Wake up to new comedy everyday. Focus.”

Instead of responding to Remy Ma, Nicki takes the time out to go back and forth with Trey Songz over his “indirect” tweets, as she’s calling it.

“Lol. Wut u SHOULB b saying is that it’s not true, seeing as it’s not. Real niggaz do real things. ?????????????? I done gotchu 6 million plaques.”

“U shouldn’t have posted Smthn indirect in the first place. Niggaz out here lyin on they d*ck now. ????????? bless your heart”

Trey responded by stating:

“@NickiMinaj you need to be mad at Remy Nicki.”

“@NickiMinaj I didn’t post anything indirect. I gathered a understanding of events and then spoke my piece. You just mad. I still love you”

“@NickiMinaj I love you! TremaineThePlayboy.com new music every Thursday 9pm-Tremaine The Album- 3.24.17- get me some more plaques babe”

Nicki, instead of responding to Trey you needed to be in the studio spitting BARS for that comeback!

Shortly after her brief “twitter beef” with Trey, Hot 97’s Ebro responded via Twitter by saying:

“Now this Remy record is fucking flames tho… ya’ll wanted beef, so here we go!”

“No one in my family is mad… We laughing which is why this will be concluded Monday at 8A on @hot97”

“Remy know she’s lying… matter of fact the dude that told her that bullshit, she knows is a nerd! These nerd as dudes always worried.”

Not too long after his post, Remy’s husband Papoose chimed in to call Ebro out.

“@oldmaneebro You just texted me happy as hell that Remy said it… now she lying? Sit down bruh”

Ebro responds:

“Of course. U would be too!! So you gone book ya wife for the show or nah….”

This entire thing is sooooooo messy! But in a weird way, it’s so good for the hip hop culture. Real rap, Real bars, Real sh*t is just what we needed!

Sidenote: Remy Ma even went so far as to speak on Nicki’s brother Jelani and his recent rape case!!!! #WOOWZER

“Guess who supports a child molester, Nicki Minaj. You paying for ya brothers wedding, that’s hella foul. How you spend money to support a pedophile.”


We’ll definitely keep you guys posted, as the beef unfolds.

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