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Unpaid Freelancers DOMINATE Social Media Using #EbonyOwes

The infamous ‘Ebony Magazine’ seems to be under A LOT of scrutiny from freelance writers claiming that they haven’t been paid for rendered services. Some saying that they’ve been seeking compensation for YEARS from the publication.

According to RobertFeder.com:

“As many as 30 contributors believed to be waiting for payment, may have taken to invoking the hashtag #EbonyOwes on Twitter. In response, Ebony has blocked some of them from its account.”


One individual who claims to be blocked and never compensated is Ebony’s former senior editor Adrienne Samuels Gibbs. According to Gibbs, Ebony owes her payment for more than half of her work as managing editor; with one of her LARGEST stories being June’s “Chance The Rapper” cover story.

The former Chicago based, iconic African American lifestyle publication is now located in Los Angeles and owned by an entirely different company! Which is why chairman Michael Gibson, says there is a lag in payment.

“The timing of the purchase didn’t allow for us to do our thorough due diligence we typically do.”

According to the Chicago Tribune:

“It took CVG about four months to buy Ebony. Transactions like that typically take six to nine months, enough time to bring in a consultant and assess practices in the company, like payment to freelancers. In Ebony’s case, the consultant was brought in after the purchase, and somehow the company missed payments to some freelancers.”


Nonetheless, Gibson says that the magazine relies heavily on the help of there freelancers and is deeply saddened that the issue has reached this point, and that they are trying to resolve the matter.

But here’s the thing, if that’s the case then why block the people speaking out?!

Check out some twitter posts below:


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