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[UPDATE] 11 Year Old Bronx Girl Suffering Face Burns Speaks Out About The Night Her Friend Poured Hot Water On Her Face!

Last week, we reported to you guys that 11 year old Jamoneisha “Jamoni” Merritt was rushed to an NYC hospital after suffering severe facial burns as a result of her best friend pouring hot water on her as she slept.

At which time we also reported that 12 year old, Aniya Grant Stuart was arrested and attempted suicide following the tragic turn of events.

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We’re happy to report that Jamoneisha is doing really well. In fact, she’s released the following statement exclusively to the Daily News:

“I’m so great. Now I’m dancing and listening to music.”

Jamoneisha is far away from FULL recovery, and has suffered burns over 85% of her face. But she’s well enough to recall WHAT happened and HOW it happened.

According to Jamoneisha, while at a sleep over, her two friends [one being Aniya] warned her that if she went to sleep they’d play a prank on her. But Jamoneisha says she couldn’t help it.

“I didn’t know what they was gonna do but I felt tired. So after I was dancing I just sat on couch and I fell asleep.”

The next thing the 11 year old remembers is waking up, and feeling like she was BURNING!

“I was screaming because it burned, it burned, it burned, it burned.”

She also recalls Aniya’s mother [Ebony Merritt] giving her a cold shower, and the girls telling her to STOP yelling and “bugging out.”

According to Jamoneisha’s mother, she will miss the beginning of her 7th grade year because her arm is still very raw and she can’t go out into the sun just yet; AND, physicians report that it’ll take at least six months for her color to come back in.

Jamoneisha’s mother is calling on the justice system to arrest Aniya’s mother as well, stating:

“The mother is just as involved as the other kids. This happened at 4 a.m. but they didn’t come to my house until 5:30am. That means she was there for an hour and a half while they were trying to cover their tracks.”

The good thing is that Jamoneisha is doing well!

We’ll keep you guys posted.

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