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Was George Lopez Wrong? SOME Say Yes, MANY Say No! [Video]

On Saturday while performing in Phoenix, Arizona, Comedian George Lopez made a joke which some are calling ‘racially insensitive.’ The joke immediately upset an audience member which prompted George to not only BLAST her, but have her escorted out.

It was ALL caught on video.

During his stand up routine, George says:

“There’s still two rules in the fucking Latino family. Don’t marry somebody black, and don’t park in front of our house.”

The woman, who sat close to the stage allegedly threw up her middle finger and George saw her. So he proceeded by using derogatory language toward her. He said things like:

“Shut the F*ck up, or Leave Bi***!”

Eventually he had security escort the woman out of the venue!

Of course TWITTER had the most to say! Some were extremely offended by both the joke and by the way he treated the women. While most were confused about why people were angry with George to begin with.

One comment in particular stood out to us:

“ALL comedians make race jokes!”

We agree, African American comedians, African comedians, Caucasian comedians, etc… At one point or another during their routine, a racial joke will appear!

If we were to get mad a George Lopez [which we aren’t], it would be as a result of the way he handled the situation AFTER finding out that the audience member was upset. We don’t agree with that! 

Check out the clip above, and let us know your thoughts? 

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