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WATCH HERE: Colin Kaepernick Donates His Shoe Collection To The Homeless!

Colin Kaepernick was constantly scrutinized this NFL season after he decided NOT to stand for the National Anthem during the preseason, and into the regular season. A decision that was made based off of countless acts of injustice throughout the country. And he shocked everyone more by going a step further and publicly deciding NOT to “vote” this past election! The internet had a field day! Individuals threatened Kaepernick, his jersey was burned, and SO MUCH MORE. But Colin Kaepernick didn’t back down! He stood for what was right, and apparently he’s still doing so.

Not only has Kaepernick been donating $100,000 per month [$1 million in total] to various organizations helping the community, but NOW it’s been reported that he’s decided to donate his massive sneaker collection to the homeless in San Francisco.

“Word’s may show a man’s wit, but action’s show his meaning.”

-Benjamin Franklin


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