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What Happened To 19 Year- Old Kenneka Jenkins?


This story is so disturbing!

Instead of simply reporting the facts, we made sure to read articles by ALL sources, watch videos, and examine social media platforms belonging to most parties involved; prior to writing this article.

Yet we’re still left with one question:

What happened to 19 year old Kenneka Jenkins?

Here’s what we know….

On Friday, September 8, 2017, Kenneka Jenkins went to a party at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois. In fact, video footage has surfaced of her friend Irene Roberts on Facebook LIVE in the hotel smoking marijuana during the celebratory bash. [CLICK HERE ] to check out the footage.

After noticing that the teen was missing, her ‘friends’ contacted her mother Teresa Martin!

Early Sunday morning hotel staff found the body of Kenneka Jenkins dead in the freezer, and according to her mother, she had to wait 4 hours to see her daughters body. She suggest that they needed to defrost the freezer prior to her entering. Nonetheless, she expects ‘foul play.’

According to a statement Ms. Martin made to WGN [Chicago], after finding out that Kenneka was missing she immediately went to the hotel and asked staff to check the video surveillance footage, however they refused and directed her to the police.

Ms. Martin say that she filed a missing persons report Saturday afternoon, meanwhile she and her other daughter began an intensive search for Kenneka.

Following the report, police immediately began to canvas the hotel, including the area they know she was in. Their search turned up video footage showing Kenneka “staggering” at one point through the hotel to the freezer, this is where the footage ends and has also led Ms. Martin to believe that her child was killed.

“I believe someone in this hotel killed my child.” -Teresa Martin

News footage also shows Ms. Martin stating that if Kenneka was barely able to hold her body up, HOW would she be able to open a freezer door. [CLICK HERE] for the news coverage footage.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel has released a statement:

“We are saddened by this news, and our thoughts are with the young woman and her family during this difficult time.”

Meanwhile, on social media many are leaving troubling messages on the pages of students in the hotel room with Kenneka that night, including her best friend Monifah Shelton who they believed had something to do with the teens death.

Monifah, on the other hand, is CLEARLY mourning her best friend’s death and even admits that they were all drunk & she wishes that she would’ve protected her.

[Check out a few of Monifah’s posts below]

On Twitter others are speaking out using the hashtag #JusticeForKenneka


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