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What If You Didn’t Say……. WHAT IF?

Written by Lifestyle Contributor: Shanique Bond [ @dopemynd ] [2/12/2018]

Okay……let me take deep breath and say this loud and clear:


Why do we feel the need to “what if” our goals and dreams?! Is it because we’re scared of the potential ‘negative’ reactions from those around us? No support toward our projects? Or, are we simply afraid of failure?

Whatever the case, most of us seem to be standing in our OWN way and it has to stop TODAY!

Instead, we should start “what if-ing” positivity! For example, what if you went on that job interview and killed it?! Then BOOM you’ve just landed the position of your dreams. Or what if I put out a dope ass blog post and it caught the eyes of “Insecure’s” actress Issa Rae?! Then BOOM, I’m one of her new series writers.

Stop “what if-ing” negativity!

So now when “what-if” people come to me, I know exactly how to respond!

Prime example, what if I put out my project and people hate it? First off, when you introduce your craft to the world it’s because it’s YOUR PASSION and something that YOU love to do. You’re not initially doing this for the world. So “what-if” you put out that project and millions could relate to your authencity?!

We must realize that when we “what if” the bad, we start to panic, second guess ourselves, and then ultimately hold off on our projects. So, STOP IT!

Simply put:

WHAT IF you died tomorrow and never worked toward your dreams because you were too afraid of the outcome?!

Your SOUL would be pissed off!



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