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‘When Is Cheating Okay?’ Jay Ellis Of “Insecure” Talks EXCLUSIVELY With The Breakfast Club

Did you know that actor Jay Ellis played football player Bryce “Blue” Westbrook on BET’s ‘The Game?’


But now when we hear the name Jay Ellis, we immediately think about Lawrence from the HBO hit series, “Insecure.” 

For the uninformed…..

Lawrence is the boyfriend who went years without having a job because he was chasing a passion all while living off of savings, unemployment checks, and his girlfriend Issa.

Even though Lawrence didn’t have a job, he remained FAITHFUL to Issa when other women would approach/proposition him in different situations. Nonetheless, Issa’s patience with Lawrence began wearing thin. She felt over-worked and under appreciated by someone she loved, especially when Lawrence forgot her birthday. So what did she do?

She slept with another man!

Sometime later, after seeing a suspicious text message and the other man popping up at a work event, Lawrence knew that Issa was cheating on him. So when he approached her, she told him the truth! Of course he was hurt, moved out [leaving behind most of his belongings], and refused to speak to Issa.

OH, did I mention he landed his dream job!

However one night he called Issa and she was anxious to accept the call, because she was truly remorseful and wanted to work things out.

Lawrence made it seem as though he wanted to at least FINALLY talk, so Issa rushes home from her weekend girls trip only to find that Lawrence has COMPLETELY moved out.

Fast-forward, Lawrence had decided to sleep with the woman whose been propositioning him!

That was our shortest rendition, its really DEEPER!

So during Jay’s [who plays Lawrence] interview with “The Breakfast Club” it was a MUST that they talk about men vs. women and double standards.

[Shoutout To Angela Yee who definitely held it down for the ladies…]

Within the first ten (10) minutes of the conversation, Jay stated that he finds it ironic how with EVERY interview he’s done, the women like to blame Issa’s infidelity on the fact that Lawrence was jobless.

NEWSFLASH JAY! Try coming home to a woman for YEARS whose chasing a dream with NO true direction!

You’d be frustrated after sometime as well!

This show has sparked so many disputes, articles, videos, and overall much needed conversations!

And mainly conversations about “double-standards.”

Why is it the ‘end of the world’ for a man when a woman cheats, but when a man cheats he automatically assumes the women should forgive him?

We’re confused!

If cheating is cheating, then why does this question exist?!

Of course, guys like Jay, DJ Envy, and Charlamgane Tha God say that it’s just “different” for a man.

But, How? 

Now of course we agree that if a man cheats it PURELY physical, versus when a woman cheats it’s some sort of emotional void she’s seeking to fulfill.

But that doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t be forgiven! Especially if you seek forgiveness for your indiscretions!

This interview was interesting to say the least!

Check it out above!


Tell us are you #TeamLawrence or #TeamIssa just based off of what you know! Comment below.


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