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Would You Date A Man Who Admitted To Having Sex With Another Man YEARS Ago?!

Let’s just say my current love for Issa Rae runs deep! Why?! Because she’s addressed so many REAL LIFE issues in her HBO series, “Insecure” which has helped to create much needed conversations about relationships, stereotypes, and most importantly “double standards”.

Like many, we have a HUGE issue with “double-standards!” [As discussed in a previous article] They’re unfair, yet something that we as a society will never be rid of…. unfortunately!

And if you’re a true lover of kmwexclusive.com, then you recognize that most of our (relationship) lifestyle post always pose the question,

“Why do men……”

We always discuss why there’s a double standard surrounding men and their actions. However, this post was designed to be slightly different!


Don’t understand what I’m talking about?

Let’s use the scene in Insecure where Molly finds out that a guys she’s dating has had a sexual encounter with a male YEARS ago. Yet he doesn’t consider himself gay or having any further sexual desire for a man. Nonetheless, Molly can’t accept it, and she decides to break-up!

Would you react the same way?


While men find it sexy and erotic for women to engage in sexual activity with one another, women and other men will classify a male as GAY if he’s had any thoughts, suspect behavior, or sexual interaction with another male. Even if it’s just out of curiosity! Which by the way is the reason that roughly 60% of women ever participate in anything with another woman.

But why is that? And unfortunately the answer is very clear!


We’re even guilty of this one!

As much as we despise “double standards”, if we were dating a man and he expressed to us that he and another man had a sexual encounter years ago, we would end the relationship. Why?! Simply because of the fact that there was some sort of desire for another man seems alarming. Women can compete with other women over a man, but a woman in competition with a man over another man is bizarre. Simply put: 


He’s obviously dealing or have dealt with you guys for two very different reasons! And from the moment he discloses that secret to us, EVERYTHING he does will be ‘suspect’ moving forward! It’s unfortunate, but it’s the #uglytruth for many women and men.

What are your thoughts on this matter?! Sound off below. We’d love to hear opinions from both women and men on how they’d handle the situation. 

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  1. I never understood this double standard. I personally prefer to date bisexual men because most of them are void of toxic masculine ideologies that tend to be barriers in open honest communication that threatens male/female cohesiveness in today’s relationships and they are usually more confident and open. Finally, because they are more comfortable with their sexuality, they are more open sexually, which makes things more exciting in the bedroom.

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