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You Go Girl! The1st Black/Female Owned Student Loan Repayment Company Has Been Created!

There’s no force more powerful then a woman determined to rise!

Women entrepreneurs are most certainly outnumbering ALL right now! But what’s even more significant is the fact that they’re MAKING HISTORY doing so.

Case in point:

Sonia Lewis

A 30 year old Philadelphia native who created the first African American/female owned student loan repayment company, The Student Loan Doctor, LLC.

According to Lewis:

“The company aims to coach people on how to resolve their federal and private student loan debt.”


“Student Loan Doctor, LLC is really, a long story short, a business to help others create a way out of their student loan debt, so the motto is one appointment, one plan, many solutions.”

During an interview with The Shaderoom, Sonia [who is currently pursing a doctorate degree] states:

“My dissertation is on how student loan debt disproportionately affects African Americans. African American women are affected by student loan debt the most because we have the most degrees. As a result, we see black women excluded from home buying because of credit and other issues, and that trickles down.”

Right now, there are many women/men who are prevented from living their best lives because of student loan amongst other debt collectors. So for Sonia to create such a company is AMAZING!

[Check out her documentary above]

To contact The Student Loan Doctor click below:



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